Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Milo and Otis

Has anyone seen this kids movie, it's blimmin hilarious.

I had recorded it a couple of weeks ago for Friday night viewing in the event that there was nothing else appropriate on Foxtel for the boyos.  And sure enough the Friday just gone, there wasn't.  I put it on to howls of complaint (from the eldest) and delight (from the youngest animal loving one).  But a while later, I popped back to where these two were watching avidly, I sat and watched with them.

After a while....

Me:  Who's Joyce?
Will: Milo's wife, she's just had some kittens
Me:  What a funny name.  My Nanny was called Joyce.

A little while later

Me: (more incredulously)  Who's Sandra?
Will: Otis's wife, she's about to have puppies.
Me:  Sandra?

I love oddball, witty names for animals.  Who gave them these names?  That person is very funny.  I have a vision of a conference room with a white board full of names, with everyone around the table calling out names, and when someone calls out Joyce (and later Sandra), they all burst into laughter and agree that these names are perfect, and then go to their desks giggling.

And then the highlight for the night.  When Otis is struggling in the snow, narrator Dudley Moore, says dramatically...."..but he had to get back to Sandra... and the puppies!"
I know it doesn't come across AT ALL in text, but somehow it just tickled our funny bones.  We kept saying it over and over with wretched voices.  And 5 days later, Smith still comes up to me and whispers in my ear..."but he had to get back to Sandra....and the puppies".

Tragically, when searching online for little gems of this movie (because I accidently deleted it - yikes!)  I found that this delightful film fell prey to animal lovers who complained about animal cruelty in the making of this film.  I hope this wasn't the case, it truly is a little piece of magic.

Take a look, but be warned it is very, VERY old (but that just makes it more fabulous somehow)!

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  1. Oh I remember seeing this years ago and loving it Lisa!!! and yes, i totally get the Sandra and Joyce humor!! thanks for reminding me, I am going to try and find it at the video shop!! haha!! x