Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I am always rushing.  I rush in the mornings, I rush to school, I always rush for school pickups (school finishes at 3.15 but if you haven't found a park by 2.55 you're almost screwed), we rush to after school activities and we have to rush home so I can hurriedly get dinner on the table.

Sadly, the most frequent words coming out of my mouth to my boys are "Come on guys, lets go", although "Rafe, get your uniform ON", is right up there to, as is "Will, turn it OFF".

Why am I always rushing, why don't I plan a little better, and not try to (insert) make beds, load the dishwasher, hang out the load of washing, make a canneloni, write a POST ON MY BLOG, or do anything on the computer, before we need to be where ever.  Why don't I set my watch to beep 10 minutes before my drop dead time I need to be out of the house and make that my new pre-drop dead time.

I know the effect it has on my children.  I just googled the impact of rushing on children's stress levels to find out (not good of course) although common sense would say I shouldn't have bothered, I knew the answer.

I have a quote board, it's a white framed blackboard that I write inspirational thoughts on (usually targeted at the eldest son like..."If you've got it, use it" or "Success only comes to those who try" or even "Make excellence a priority"....he's 10, poor child, he's probably imagining his pre-and teenage years documented through our quote board.
But maybe it's my turn to write a message to me..."Less rush, more love" or "Plan, execute and enjoy" or simply as the sign says....
"Stop Rushing".

Do you rush too much too?

Postscript: Ironically, I have 45 minutes before I need to get Smith and during this time I'm planning on getting dinner half made, having a shower and deep conditioning my hair , having lunch, and writing two pitches for a magazine.  A timely lesson for me eh!

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  1. Boy does this sound familiar! Emily often asks when we are on our way somewhere "are we running late?". Poor Frase is usually harrangued out of the house and onto the school bus in the morning... Breathe .... zen calm... slow talking... (nope, that doesn't sound like me!)