Thursday, August 28, 2008

An Update.

About once a year (usually preceding summer when bathing suit exposure is imminent) I get in a "being good" phase when I try to "be good" when I'm eating - ie cut out the crap in between meals. Now as my packet of Grain Waves arrived at the start of this phase, I can't yet justify cracking them open unless (a) I decide eating a whole bag of Grain Waves could replace a "meal", or (b)when I inevitably fall off the wagon and start eating chocolate just after (or sometimes before) breakfast, which means I'll swiftly work my way through the bag over a phased 48 hour period (more than likely two 4.30pm sittings when getting kids dinner ready).
So folks, just to re-inforce how much I'm anticipated opening them, I just thought a quick update was appropriate to show how much self control I'm capable of if I put my mind to it.
Shall I post a photo of the new house, which we settle on today? The canary yellow walls with the large blue square where something has been painted around, the hot orange feature walls, and the scummy, filthy cupboards are such a highlight.
Meeting Vince the painter there tomorrow at 10am.

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