Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wildlife 2

Our new house is undergoing a 3 day makeover. Not much you can do in 3 days I know, but we can remove the canary yellow and bright orange feature walls. I picked paints in about 2 mins with the painter standing beside me. Seeing my safe beigey colour up on the walls now makes me think maybe I should've taken a couple more. I had The Husband (now known as The Accountant) standing whispering the words "every day without a tenant is costing us "xxxx" much..." in my ear, high stress. Anyhow I was in the house yesterday looking at my paint sample cards I'd strategically placed on the counter for all would-be tenants to see that action was being taken to minimise the bright orange/canary yellow (with large blue square) effect, when I noticed a thready thing peeking out of the folded card I was holding. I slowly realised that it....was...moving..... As I dropped it a large beige and black freaking cockroach randomly scuttled out of the paint cards and sprinted across my floor. With The Accountants words ringing and the thoughts of would-be tenants seeing the wildlife, I had to get it out of the house somehow without the assistance of a vacuum cleaner. This required considerable agility and noise on my behalf, and once safely out of the house and headed towards the pool (the vacuum thing will suck it up in there), only a minute had passed before I heard a "hello" - a would-be tenant had arrived early for an appointment and popped her head in. Close call.

Anyhow she bleeted on about how much she loved the house/area while I forced myself to talk GugiMon with her 8 year old son. Her last words were "I'm going to arrange a time to bring my husband through". Now there's a reason we use a letting agent because not a sight was seen of her since.

I should have left the wildlife.

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